Santa María del Río: Cradle of the Rebozos, textile museum and Campechanas

Today we will speak about a day trip to Santa María del Río. The small city near San Luis Potosí is also called the cradle of the Rebozos. Rebozos are fine weaved cotton scarfs. On the way to San Luis Potosí we made a stop at Corralejo-Tequila.

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I always wanted to drive to Santa María del Río, but mostly you visit the sights far away instead of looking at the beautiful things in your surroundings. Or did you already visit everything in your town? When Corona finally swept over to Mexico and travels to distant destinations were not possible anymore, I started to visit some sights in my area.

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How to get there

From San Luis Potosí

The drive from San Luis Potosí is really easy: Just follow the highway 57 in direction Querétaro. You will pass the BMW plant and after around 50 km you will come cross Santa María del Río (Karte) . On the left and right side of the street you can find big Pemex petrol stations. But you should turn to your right through the colorful gate into the city before the first petrol station. Then follow the road into the small city center. Don´t worry about parking - you can leave the car almost everywhere on the street - just not on yellow marked curb stones.

The nice Jardín Hidalgo in the center of Santa María del Río



Santa María del Río does not have too many sight, so a stay over night does not make much sense. But the city of San Luis Potosí, capital of the state with the same name, is closeby and has much to offer. Here a few recommendations for hotels:

    • Luxury: Conrad San Luis Potosí* - next to a plaza with restaurants and small shops, perfect breakfast, nice rooms, a pool with a bar, small gym
    • For a longer stay: The View* - next to a plaza with restaurants and small shops, big pool, nice rooms with a view over the city, small gym, simple breakfast, washing machines and dryers to use for free or Staybridge Suites* – angenehme Zimmer mit Blick über die Stadt, kleiner Pool auf dem Dach, kleines Gym, Waschmaschinen/Trockner zur Nutzung (kostenlos), gutes Frühstück, mehrmals die Woche kleine Events am Nachmittag mit kostenlosen Drinks und Snacks
    • Budget: City Express Junior Carranza* - good for a short visit of the city, very central, the Carranza street leads directly into the city center, simple breakfast, small rooms

I already stayed in the first three hotels and like The View a lot. But all three are very good. In the last hotel my family stayed one time and it is totally fine for a short visit.

More Hotels:*


Santa María del Río

But now to Santa María del Río: The city has about 12.000 habitants and is located south of San Luis Potosí on highway 57 in direction Querétaro. The city is known as the cradle of the Rebozos. Another tradition is the production of Campechanas, a sweet pastry.

The small city center is located around the Plaza Martín Bautista and the Jardín Hidalgo. The small church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción is worth a visit.



A Rebozo is a mexican scarf for women made of cotton. It has a rectangular form and size between 1,5-3 m. It can be used as scarf, rope, headscarf, dress, ... . The following videos shows possible uses:

In some mexican cities, like Santa María del Río, these scarfes are still made by hand. You will find different qualities there - from 10-20 EUros up to several hundred Euros. The origin of the Rebozos is not known, but robably it resulted of a mix between the indigenious Mexican and the Spanish colonial culture. The word was first found in the Spanish language in the middle of the 16th centuary.

Robozos are produced in Mexico mostly in MichoacánOaxacaQuerétaro und San Luis Potosí hergestellt, wobei die Rebozos Caramelos aus San Luis Potosí zu den teuersten gelten. Einfache, einfarbige Tücher werden Chalinas genannt. In Santa María del Río gab es die Tücher ursprünglich nur in vier Farben: blau, braun, schwarz und weiß. Erst nach 1930, als neue Chemikalien aus Europa nach Mexiko kamen, erweiterte man die Farbpalette.

The Casa del Rebozo explains about the history and the production (even in English!). You can watch weavers doing their work or even take part in a course.

After the visit you can take a look into the shop. You will find fabrics and other hand crafts there. I bought Queso de Tuna there - cheese made out of the fruits of the cactus. You cannot really compare the black paste to cheese, but it tasts good.

Weitere Läden für Rebozos findet ihr rund um den Markt. Ich habe zwei Tücher als Geschenk/Andenken aus Mexiko gekauft und mit nach Deutschland genommen.



Another tradition from Santa María del Río are the Campechanas, a sweet pastry. You can find the in shops around the city center. I bought big package and put it into the office for everybody.

Do you want too cook like Mexicans? Then you should have a look into this book:*


Hike up to the Cerro del Original

After your tour through the small city I recommend a hike up to the Cerro del Original. On the top you will find a kitschy chapel and an impressive view about the city and the mountains.

The climb starts here and takes about 45 minutes (there is another viewpoint on the way to take a break).


I took my drone and took some nice pictures/videos. I wasn´t the only one with that idea - two other guys also brought theirs.

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Corralejo Tequila shop

Next to the highway 57 on the return to San Luis Potosí you will find an impressive building with a big dome. Signs around it say something about Tequila and Mezcal. I always wanted to make a stop there on my trips, but I never did. So time to visit it on the return of Santa María del Río.

The impressive brick stone building is unfortunately not a fabric, but a shop for liquors of different kind (mostly from Corralejo Tequila). Behind the house you can find equipment to produce Mezcal, in the basement you will see big empty barrels and a piano playing by it´s own. The atmosphere is interesting, and a bit spooky. Of course I bought something and took some pictures.

Afterwards I read a few facts about Corralejo Tequila: It is produced in the Hacienda Corralejo, which was build 1775 by Pedro Sánchez de Tagle and was one of the first commercial destilleries for tequila. It is located in Guanajuato, in one of the few Municipios outside of Jalisco which are allowed to produced tequila. You can visit the hacienda and take a free tour - here you can find the web page. If you want to know more about the production of tequila and mezcal you should read my reports about The tour with the José Cuervo Express to Tequila or about Mezcal and Mole in Oaxaca.

Btw Corralejo Tequila you can also buy online now:*

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  • Vor rund 250 Jahren gegründet, zählt die Hacienda Tequila zu den ersten kommerziell arbeitenden Destillen.
  • Seit dem hat sich die Herstellung kaum verändert:
  • Keine chemischen Zusätze und Farbstoffe.



Or you follow the highway 57 direction south:



You can find good things so close sometimes! I passed hundreds of times Corralejo and Santa María del Río - now I finally found time to visit these places. And I have to say that it is worth it! A short day trip in which I learned something about textiled, ate very good pastry, climbed a mountain, visited an impressive building and bought some good presents for relatives. What else can you ask for?

Hint: Please take enough water, sun protection and a hat on the hike. There is almost no shadow on the way up to the mountain. I recommend environment friendly sun protection:*

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