Parque Aventura Boca de Túnel – Action in Aguascalientes

Beginning of 2020 I visited the Parque Aventura Boca de Túnel near Aguascalientes. There you can find an action parcours around a dam with zip lines and elements of a high rope garden. A trip for brave persons and action lovers.

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How the time passes: Beginning of March, short before the pandemic hit Mexico, I visited the Parque Aventura Boca de Túnel in Aguascalientes with a friend. The park was a recommendation of a colleague from work and looked pretty amazing on the internet. We took around two hours to get there and decided to take the road towards Zacatecas fort he way the park. On the way back we made a stop in Aguasclientes and returned from there. You should plan around 3-4 h for the big parcours in Boca de Túnel and you shouldn´t be scared of heights^^. Via several climbing and zip line elements you will make your tour to the dam. From there you will return with boats to the beginning. According to the webpage the park reopened on 26.06., but it´s better if you call them before your visit.

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How to get there

From San Luis Potosí

From San Luis Potosí you can reach the adventure park either via Aguascalientes (road toll, not that good roads) or via the route to Zacatecas (without road toll, good roads, about 10 minutes longer). If you decide for the road via Aguascalientes you need to leave San Luis Potosí to the east via the new build highway near Villa Magna and follow the road direction Guadalajara. After a while you will arrive to the road 80, which you will follow to Ojuelos de Jalisco. Here you need to change onto the 70 in direction Aguascalientes. Short after entering the city you need to follow the signs to Zacatecas - you will drive on a city ring (Avenida Aguascalientes), which you will leave in the north onto 45 towards Zacatecas. Near Pabellón de Arteaga you need to leave the 45 in direction east onto the 19 to San José de Gracia. About 3 km before the village you will turn a right towards north on the 38 and a bit later on the 123 (here you will find signs to the park). If you want you can also continue to San José de Gracia - there you can find a bis Jesus statue on an island. Boats regularly leave to bring tourists there.

If you decide for the route via Zacatecas you need to leave San Luis Potosí in direction north east (Mexquitic, Zacatecas) and follow the street 49 for 133 km (good road conditions, no road toll - but you should be careful: federals are checking the speed limit from time to time). After the 133 km drive onto the 144 and later 45 direction Aguascalientes. Short before Rincón de Romos drive right onto the 70. This street will bring you to the 119 which leads into the 123. From there you can follow the signs.


Via airplane

You won´t believe it, but Aguascalientes has an international airport which has direct flights to 9 other airports! From Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Cancún, Mexico-City, Chicago, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana you can arrive direct here. Unfortunately the airport is located south of the city - so you need to drive first via the 70 into the city, then follow the city ring (see via Aguascalientes above).

Zacatecas also has an international airport (north of the city^^). Direct flights are available from Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mexico-City, San Jose (USA) and Tijuana. From the airport you need to follow the 45 and later 45D direction south. The rest is the same like mentioned before (route via Zacatecas).

As an alternative you can also use the airports San Luis Potosí or León (but then you need to drive a bit more). Cheap flights you can find at Opodo*. A rental car* you will definitely need because there is almost no public transport (only some booked tours).




Adventure fans can stay at the location in the Campamento Suskaá (reservation only by phone, +52-449-119-0252) - the rooms are basic, but there is a pool^^. Since you will need for the park only about 3-4 h you should better look for a stay in Aguascalientes or Zacatecas, since there is more to see. Both cities provide some interesting activities, but Zacatecas has definitely much more to offer. Aguascalientes is interesting during the time of the Feria San Marco, the biggest folk festival in Mexico (this year unfortunately cancelled due to Covid, but last year it was a great party, much bigger and better than e.g. Oktoberfest - since you can also do party with a lower budget here).

Recommendations for Zacatecas:

  • Quinta Real Zacatecas*: An amazing hotel, built around an old bull fight arena. It´s a bit pricier, but definitely worth it. If you rather stay somewhere cheaper you should at least make a stop at their restaurant - the view is beautiful.
  • Budget-Option: Hotel Reyna Soledad*: Located in the center of the city, with parking place and nice patio.

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Receommendations for Aguascalientes:

  • Fiesta Americana*: Nice hotel with perfect location, big pool and good service.
  • Budget-Option: Hotel Parga*: Located directly in the center, with parking place and good value for the money.


Parque Aventura Boca de Túnel

After you arrived you need to go to the tourist information next to the parking place. In the small house you need to give you contact details (in case of an accident). You can decide between a short tour (2 suspension bridges, 1 zipline, Guide, return trip via boat for 200 Peso) or a long tour (13 suspension bridges, 2 ziplines, guide, return trip via boat for 400 Peso). Since you are already here you should of course go for the long tour. After the payment you will receive a helmet, a belt with carabiners and gloves. Please check that you´ve received two different gloves - my colleagues received two gloves for the left hand, so we needed to turn one of them inside out which was quite difficult (we didn´t want to return to the tourist information).

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There are different kinds of obstacles - suspension bridges, a rope to balance, a zipline or others. Everybody who was in a high rope garden before knows the procedure - you have normally two carabiners which you will attach one after another at and between the obstacles so you are always secured with at least one of them. Equipment and park are in good shape and at almost all obstacles another guide is giving advice and help.

At the end of the parcours you will reach the dam. Here you can take nice pictures - the stone formations are really beautiful! You will return via small rowboats which are operated by two guides and which were loaded over the limit when we were there (we were almost sitting in the water^^...).

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Short summary:



  • La Quemada: Nice small archaeological site south of Zacatecas, worth a short trip
  • Zacatecas: Capital of the state Zacatecas; a visit is woth it - there is a very good museum in a mine (definitely take the tour; saturday nights a club opens in the mine), a funicular over the city up to the Cerro de la Brufa, interesting museums and a lot of flair.
  • Aguascalientes: Capital of the state Aguascalientes, there are some good museums but the city is mostly worth it because of the Feria San Marcos.

Cooking like a Mexican:*


Conclusion Parque Aventura Boca de Túnel

Boca de Túnel is worth a day trip on the weekend or together with La Quemada and Zacatecas. The climbing is demanding and not recommended for persons with fear of heights. You should arrive early (especially because some people to take selfies everywhere and there are almost no possibilities to get past). I really enjoyed the tour and actually felt some fear before one or another obstacle^^.

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